Two new paediatric patients underwent surgery in Bogotá for their Pectus Excavatum with the innovative corrective technique of Pectus Up.

With these new surgeries, Dr. Fernando Fierro, Professor of Paediatric Surgery at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, consolidates in the treatment of Pectus Excavatum with the Pectus Up technique.

Fierro has been a paediatric surgeon at the Fundación HOMI since 1993, and at the Fundación Santa Fe de Bogotá since 2012. He trained in the technique with the Ventura Medical Technologies team in Spain and currently helps to train other specialists in the implantation of the Pectus Up technique, which has made him an international reference at the paediatric level.

In February, two new patients of 14 and 15 years of age were operated on at the Instituto de Ortopedia Infantil Roosevelt in Bogota, presenting a very good evolution, with little pain, and discharged 2 days after the operation.

Dr. Fierro, together with Drs. German Mogollón and Sergio Rueda, paediatric surgeons with extensive experience in the treatment of Pectus Excavatum were responsible for these surgeries.

The Instituto de Ortopedia Infantil Roosevelt adopts the new generation of Pectus Up to treat patients affected by Pectus Excavatum in a very minimally invasive way. It is a reference centre in specialised paediatrics which, since 1951, has been consolidated as a comprehensive rehabilitation centre for children.

Pectus Up surgery is a pioneering technique for the reparative treatment of Pectus Excavatum, with a very painless postoperative period and whose recovery and return to the patient’s daily life is much quicker than with other corrective techniques. The benefits of this technique make it an ideal procedure for the treatment of this type of patient.