Dr. Manuel López Paredes and Dr. Javier Bueno performed the first surgery in Hospital Dexeus, belonging to Quirónsalud group, by using the new extrathoracic device Pectus Up Surgery Kit, developed by Ventura Medical Technologies.

The new Taulinoplastia technique was performed this time on a 38 year-old adult patient, who traveled on purpose to Barcelona from Honolulu to have his Pectus Excavatum fixed. This technique has been used mostly in pediatric-aged patients and young adults, although since it is an extrathoracic and minimally invasive procedure, it can also correct the deformity in older patients, according to each particular patient features, as has been the case.

Dr. Manuel López is the current Head of Pediatric Surgery in University Hospital Vall d’Hebron in Barcelona, and formerly part of Pectus Excavatum unit (for children and adults) in University Hospital of Saint Etienne, in France. Dr. Javier Bueno is the chief of Pediatric and Digestive Transplant in this hospital.

The surgery was also attended by Dr. Raúl Felipe Abella, a benchmark in pediatric heart surgery and a high-level doctor in congenital heart disease treatment and heart transplant in Hospital Vall d’Hebron.

All three surgeons belong to Centro Internacional Cor in Barcelona (CICB) working in co-operation with Hospital Quirón Dexeus, directed by Dr. Abella.

Dr. Roberto Fernández, thoracic surgeon in Hospital Universitari Sant Joan de Reus (Tarragona, Spain) was also present in the surgery. This hospital’s chief of service is Dr. Eduard Baeta.

On this occasion, Dr. Manuel López adapted the Pectus Up to the patient by bending it before the implantation. The aim of this action is to overcorrect the chest-wall shape by reversing his initial Pectus Excavatum.

With the operation on this patient coming from Hawaii it has been shown that the Pectus Up Surgery Kit is expanding boundaries beyond the limits achieved so far.

Taulinoplastia is currently being performed in Spain, France and Portugal in Europe, and in Colombia in Latin America. Soon it will be available in the United Kingdom and in Mexico.