The SECT (Spanish Society of Thoracic Surgery) will celebrate the twelfth edition of its annual congress from May 11th to 13th in the emblematic Bizkaia Aretoa building in Bilbao.

The Ventura Medical Technologies team will participate in this new edition where the New Generation of Pectus Up will be introduced, which considerably reduces the complexity and risks of Pectus Excavatum correction.

The presentation of the new Pectus Up will be delivered by Dr. Jorge Hernández from Sagrat Cor University in Barcelona on May 13th, 2022, at 2:15 p.m., in the Mitxelena Auditorium of the venue, in the Symposium session on the minimally invasive treatment of Pectus excavatum.

This system for the extrathoracic reparative treatment of Pectus Excavatum began to be marketed in 2015 and to date 192 surgical procedures have been carried out in Europe and LATAM. In Europe they have been performed in Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, Slovakia and Lithuania. As for LATAM, they have been executed in Mexico, Colombia and Chile, and soon they will be carried out in Peru and Costa Rica.

Since its inception, some improvements have been introduced in the technique, thanks to the participation and feedback of professionals who are experts in the procedure. As a result of this collaboration, the new generation of the Pectus Up was born.

The Pectus Up system provides a very safe environment for surgeons, with a very fast and easy learning curve to perform. It is an extrathoracic technique for the reparative treatment of Pectus Excavatum that does not compromise patient safety during surgery.

With the new version, the surgical indication is extended to a broader type of patients, since the age range increases and it can be carried out in cases of asymmetric Pectus Excavatum and with sternal rotation. In addition, it is still a very painless procedure with a quick recovery.