Once again, the talent and professional excellence of renowned surgeons came together around the MIRPE technique of Pectus Up. Indeed, both qualities are a common denominator among the community of surgeons who practice the Pectus Up technique.

A new patient with Pectus Excavatum underwent the innovative Pectus Up technique at the renowned General Hospital of Valencia (Spain). Sponsored by Dr. Ricardo Guijarro, Head of the Thoracic Surgery Department at this hospital and Professor at the Department of Surgery at the University of Valencia.

Dr. Guijarro’s mastery and experience, along with the professionalism of Dr. Eva García del Olmo and her surgical team, guided Dr. Benvenuti through a successful corrective surgery, deepening and sharing surgical knowledge and best practices for implanting the extrathoracic Pectus Up bar.

More and more surgeons from around the world are becoming part of the Pectus Up community, including young surgeons, professors, and senior surgeons with expertise in pediatric, thoracic, and plastic surgery. The Pectus Up technique, in addition to being robust and innovative, takes the concept of minimally invasive (MIRPE) to another level, establishing a natural connection between all these surgical specialties: the correction of pectus excavatum with the best and nearly painless surgical technique, with rapid patient recovery.

An example of this is Dr. Mauro Benvenuti, who joins this community in 2023 following his involvement in this new surgery performed by Dr. Guijarro, a well-established expert in Pectus Up in the Valencian Community.

Dr. Benvenuti, an Italian thoracic surgeon specializing in minimally invasive thoracic surgery, is also the Director of the Thoracic Surgery Unit at Spedali Civili in Brescia, in the Italian region of Lombardy.

Increasingly, surgeons from all generations are taking a step forward towards disruptive and safe innovation in thoracic implantology, and they are pleased to share their knowledge in this regard, with Pectus Up ® being a prime example of this.