Prof. Dr. Inserra and the Bambino di Gesù Hospital opened their doors to an international group of surgeons to perfect the practice of the Pectus Up technique in different countries.

In September, training sessions on the advances in the Pectus Up New Generation technique were held in Rome.

On the one hand, the team of professionals from the High-Tech company and Ventura Medical Technologies held a theoretical-practical session on the improvements introduced in the surgical procedure and the material used, in which surgeons attending were able to learn about the advantages and benefits of this technique.

On the other hand, a training session was held in the operating theatre led by Professor Inserra, a reference in the technique in the country and renowned pediatric surgeon of the Bambino Gessú Hospital (Rome), with extensive and successful experience in the implantation of the device in patients affected by Pectus Excavatum.

The conference was attended by Dr. Patricio Herrera, thoracic surgeon at the Hospital Dr. Exequiel González Cortés and a reference in Pectus Up in Chile, who explained to the team his knowledge and experience with the innovative technique, giving an added value to the training sessions.

Dr. Giedrius Bernotavicius, Orthopaedic Surgeon Head of the Orthopaedic and Traumatology Department of the Vilnius University Hospital Santaros Kliniko located in Vilnius, attended from Lithuania, who was able to share his experience with the rest of the participants and to verify the advantages of the Pectus Up New Generation.

Dr. Ksenija Soldatenkova, a paediatric surgeon from the Children’s Clinical University Hospital, also travelled from Riga (Latvia) to receive the training and to be able to offer this innovative technique to her patients.

Thanks to the interest raised by the Pectus Up New Generation among Italian specialists who are experts in the treatment of Pectus Excavatum, patients affected by this pathology in this country will be able to benefit from this procedure.

Numerous specialists are already choosing the innovative technique for the correction of this pathology, as it is a minimally invasive intervention, with a virtually painless postoperative period and a rapid recovery period. In addition, the new device offers the possibility of treating adult patients with different degrees of asymmetry.

Distributors, hospitals or surgeons interested in learning more about this surgical method can contact Ventura Medical Technologies to obtain the necessary advice and training to offer their patients with Pectus Excavatum the implantation of the Pectus Up New Generation with total safety and guarantee.