Thoracic surgeons of the Clínica Alemana of Santiago, Chile successfully intervene another patient affected by Pectus Excavatum with the extrathoracic technique Pectus Up New Generation.

Last January 17, a new intervention was performed with the innovative surgical technique Pectus Up New Generation with excellent results. It was led by the specialist Dr. Patricio Herrera Oroz together with Dr. Andres Valenzuela Bonilla, both from the children’s surgery team of the Clínica Alemana.

In addition, the experts in the technique shared in the operating room their knowledge and experiences with the outstanding surgeons of the thoracic surgery team of the Clinic, Dr. Raúl Berríos Silva and Dr. José Ortega Sepúlveda.

Clínica Alemana is one of the most recognized institutions in Chile for the performance of this type of surgeries, because it has very experienced pediatric and thoracic surgeons capable of facing important challenges to respond to pathologies such as Pectus Excavatum in patients of different ages and asymmetries.

Pectus Excavatum is a chest deformity in which the anterior part of the thorax is sunken, giving it a concave aspect. It is one of the most common pathologies of the thorax and affects approximately 1 in 400 children and adolescents.

In Chile, there are other medical centers specialized in the attention of this deformity that offer the Pectus Up treatment to correct the Pectus Excavatum. The surgery is minimally invasive and its objective is to permanently correct the sinking of the thorax, thus improving the physical appearance and respiratory function of the patient.

If there is a suspicion of “sunken chest”, it is highly recommended to consult a physician specialized in thoracic surgery or pediatric surgery to receive an accurate diagnosis and an appropriate treatment plan. It is important to treat this deformity early to avoid complications and ensure a successful recovery.

If you have Pectus Excavatum and need an evaluation of your case, consult the professionals of Clínica Alemana of Santiago, trained to offer you a definitive and personalized solution with the innovative Pectus Up technique.