Ventura Medical Technologies has developed a new Pectus Up model which extends surgical treatment to a more extensive typology of Pectus Excavatum patient

In 2012, Ventura Medical Technologies developed a new surgical method called Pectus Up, which offers a minimally invasive extrathoracic solution for the correction of Pectus Excavatum.

In 2021, Ventura Medical Technologies, after several years of experience with surgeons specialized in chest wall diseases, has developed a new Pectus Up model. This new generation offers the same therapeutic solution as the previous one, yet extending the indication for treatment to a more extensive typology of Pectus Excavatum patients, in this case older ones and with a more relevant degree of asymmetry.

The Pectus Up Surgery Kit was implanted for the first time in 2012 in a pediatric patient at the Consorcio Corporación Sanitaria Parc Taulí, in Barcelona. Since its inception, the results have been broadly satisfactory and more and more professionals are opting for this innovative method of extrathoracic surgery for the correction of Pectus Excavatum.

Based on experience and thanks to the contribution of various surgeons who have chosen this technique throughout all these years, Ventura Medical Technologies has introduced several improvements to the Pectus Up, thus creating a new surgical set to benefit adult older Pectus Excavatum patients with a bigger degree of asymmetry.

This new Pectus Up has been successfully used in several surgeries in Europe, both on pediatric and adult patients with a chest asymmetry. All of them have had an excellent acceptance among surgeons and great satisfaction with the results on the part of patients, who especially highlight the low presence of pain and the quick return into daily life.

The Pectus Up has been an important technological innovation in the field of thoracic surgery for the correction of Pectus Excavatum, since it is a very minimally invasive method that considerably reduces the complexity and risks of the surgery. Being extrathoracic, the surgery entails a shorter recovery time for the patient and leads to very good results.

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